Iboga powder

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Iboga powder

Tabernanthe iboga is an evergreen-rainforest shrub native to Central Africa. A member of the Apocynaceae family indigenous to Gabon, D.R. of Congo, Congo, and Cameroon. Cultivated across Central Africa for its medicinal and other effects

Studies suggest that ibogaine, one of the iboga alkaloids, has potential in the treatment of addiction to many substances.


In high doses, considered to be toxic. It has caused serious comorbidities when used with opioids or prescription drugs.

Iboga plant Discription

’T. iboga’’ is native to tropical forests, preferring moist soil in partial shade. It bears dark green, narrow leaves and clusters of tubular flowers on an erect and branching stem. It has yellow-orange fruits resembling chili pepper.

iboga flowers are yellowish-white or pink and followed by a fruit, orange at maturity. May be either globose or fusiform.

Its yellow-fleshed roots contain a number of indole alkaloids, most notably ibogaine, which is found in the highest concentration in the bark of the roots.

The root material, bitter in taste, causes a degree of anaesthesia in the mouth as well as systemic numbness of the skin.

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