About us

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About us

Reliable. Precise. Consistent.

Greentrippy is and online platform that is specialized in the sales of medical  cannabis & mushrooms ranging from psychedelic mushrooms to other psychedelic products

Greentrippy store

Green trippy is one of the finest  cannabis & mushrooms stores in California State, located in the city of Tampa. We are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to first class cannabis & psychedelic mushrooms. We have taken it upon ourselves to make sure we have something for everyone with plenty of options. If you’re looking for cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles or psychedelic mushrooms, we have you covered. Come in today! We would love to assist you in finding what you need. 

Return policies

  1. Incase of any missing  item Green trippy is only responsible for  payment if the product was still in possession with our courier service, or damage of your products  during the shipping process. In essence if you you receive your package and realize its having problems you should contact green trippy immediately. If a product is received and after the second day you complain of a problem we cannot pay for it because you might have caused the damage. 

  2.  On the other hand if you report a missing product after 3 weeks we are not responsible because our courier services don’t take too long to deliver to clients location. and after delivery you must have signed to show that you received the package successfully so we will not accept any delay report of missing item as we don’t know if it is true or you are lying.

  3 Incase you report a missing or broken item , you will have to chose if we should return your money or we ship another to you, moreover we have a 3 weeks policy incase of returning money because we have to investigate to know the authenticity of your report.

Our mission

We like to meet meet our customer’s demands for a personal & professional service by offering innovative supply chain solutions.

Green trippy Core value

POLITENESS, HONESTY,MAINTAINING A BETTER CUSTOMER & SELLER RELATIONSHIP. These values and attitudes are crucial to our reputation – not to mention the success we enjoy.