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King Tut, also known as “Tutankhamon,” and “Pharaoh,” is a potent sativa marijuana strain made from a cross of AK-47. King Tut produces uplifting effects, making it an ideal choice for social outings or creative stimulation.

This strain features flavors that are sour, skunky and fruity. Medical marijuana patients choose King Tut to help relieve symptoms associated with pain.

Growers say this strain is sensitive to high humidity and fungus, but makes for an excellent mother plant

What is king tut strain?

It is quite impressive, yet not surprising, how Pyramid Seeds came up with the name Tutankhamon for a Cannabis strain.

Pyramid Seeds itself suggests a historical relationship to the ancient pyramids of Giza, and Tutankhamon – popularly known as King Tut weed, takes after King Tut, who is said to have been in power back when these pyramids used to carry significant value and power.

But this twisted tale of history has caused quite a bit of doubt in people’s minds. People wonder whether these King Tut strains are dangerous, as implied by the pharaoh King Tut’s curse.

But worry not. King Tut strains are a genetic offspring of the famous AK-47 cannabis. This strain carries no danger to a person; rather, it delivers a relaxed mental state and a high feeling.

However, King Tut weed strains contain THC at an average of 29%; thus, it is definitely not a strain meant for beginners. This being the case, users must be careful of what strains they indulge in as strong strains can have unexpected impacts on those not used to using.

Effects of king tut strain.

King Tut weed’s heavy THC composition causes massive impact on a person’s moods. Due to its weighty proportion of Sativa – a mind-altering component, these strains can quickly put a person in a positive mood.

This euphoric state is caused by the reaction these strains have on the cerebral side.

However, although a person may experience a euphoric nature from the consumption of King Tut weed, their minds will still remain clear.

This actually empowers a person’s creativity, boosts their levels of energy, and is also said to improve a person’s thought process.

As harmful as this strain is to beginners, excessive use can be equally harmful to those who are experienced as well. Overusing King Tut weed may result in unfavorable conditions due to its strong composition.

The Aroma, taste, & flavor of king tut strain.

Given that there is a twisted relationship with pyramids, we can conclude that King Tut Weed inherited their damp yet earthy smell from the pyramids’ odour. But King Tut weed also has traces of a floral scent that helps manage the dank odour and boost its aroma.

The Flavour

In contrast to what the odour suggests, King Tut weed has a pretty good taste. It has a somewhat sweet flavour that is fruity with traces of lemon.

The Negative Effects Of King Tut Weed

Though these strains are not dangerous, they do have several unfavorable reactions. Among such reactions, the parched mouth and dry eyes are a given. Furthermore, do not forget that the overconsumption of King Tut weed can be dangerous.

If the state of euphoria is a bit too much for a person to handle, the chances are that he/she will feel a bit anxious or paranoid. Therefore, if you think that you would not be able to handle such a high, do consider cutting down your doses of King Tut weed or shifting to a different strain.

The Medical uses of king tut strain.

Due to its ability to create a sense of euphoria, King Tut weed are popular among medical weed users to relax their minds and uplift their moods.

As a result, King Tut weed has helped patients with varying health issues such as depression and PTSD. This very same power of these strains has also made it to be pretty useful when it comes to pain relief.

In addition to the above, the cerebral high and clear state of mind is said to help people focus better. Thus, people who have ADHD and ADD are also seen benefitting by King Tut weed.

Growing Tutankhamun Strain

Tutankhamun is a plant that is relatively easy to cultivate and manage. The cultivated pyramid seeds grow to be compact plants with many branches such that they can bear the weight of their harvests.

These strains can be grown in both indoor and outdoor grounds. However, the ability to have better control over the plants and shorten their flowering time has encouraged the breeders to choose indoor breeding.

Nonetheless, do make sure that your breeding grounds do not facilitate the growth of fungi as fungal diseases are not something you want to deal with.

In an indoor environment, Buy  Tutankhamon strain would take as little as eight weeks to yield, and this yield can be as massive as 19-21 ounces per square meter. In an outdoor environment, a plant is said to bring about a yield greater than 50 ounces.

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