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How is cannabis helping mentally ?

Cannabis has been declared the most commonly used drug of abuse in the United States. As found in the 2015 National Survey on
Drug Use and Health, 22.2 million persons aged 12 and older had used cannabis in the past months.

Another Research suggests that cannabis use has increased over the past decade with rate of 2 to 4 as perceptions of risk of harm from using
marijuana among adults in the general population have steadily declined.

Mental health conditions figure prominently among the
reasons given for medical marijuana use, yet there is a death of rigorous, experimentally controlled studies
examining the effects of marijuana on mental health conditions.

This research brief will summarize what is known
about the effects of marijuana on anxiety disorders.
Overview of Complexities in Specifying Marijuana Effects

Current trials of cannabidiol to treat mental disorders improved symptoms for individuals who have schizophrenia. reduced anxiety in some people with anxiety disorders. reductions in craving for people with a tobacco dependence.

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